Thank you for your interest in Grace Baptist Church of Windy Gap, where we're growing in grace, together.  We are an independent Baptist Church, which simply means we are not affiliated with any local association or a state/national convention.  For more information about what we be believe, click here.

Everyone can feel uncomfortable going to a new church.  When you first arrive, one of our ushers will greet you with a bright smile and a warm welcome.  We want everyone to feel welcome and appreciated for coming. Grace is an old-fashioned, conservative congregation where the hymns of the faith and old-time religion are enjoyed rather than endured.  You'll find friendly faces and warm hearts centered on exalting Christ.  We offer Bible classes for all ages in our Sunday School each Sunday morning so that people may learn about God's Word.  Our Pastor preaches straight from the Word of God with great zeal and enthusiasm, founded upon a dedication to "rightly dividing the Word of truth".  We believe that preaching, rather than mere programs, are what's needed today!

You may be wondering what to wear when you visit Grace.  We don't have a formal dress code.  We just simply ask that you come dressed modestly.  Our members follow the standard of being covered from the neck to the knees in a dress or skirt for the ladies, and our men typically wear slacks and a dress shirt, with a few in a neck tie or even a suit.  We don't want folks to be discouraged from coming based on their appearance, so we just simply suggest dressing up rather than down.  The old-timers call that wearing your "Sunday best".  If the best you have is a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt, come on in!  It is a common courtesy to dress up for important activities, and we feel that there is not a time of greater importance than when God's children gather around God's Word, in God's house, to sing God's praises.  We look at church as an honor and a privilege, rather than a right or just an accessory to life.  Therefore we seek to honor Him in all that we do, including our manner of dress.  For an even better explanation, read this article by Ryan French:

We only recognize and, therefore, only preach and teach from the Authorized Version King James Bible.  We make no apology for this standard, because we are convinced through study and by faith that it is God's preserved Word for the English language. 

Our music is conservative and evangelistic, ranging from centuries-old hymns and gospel songs, to some Southern Gospel and sacred music.


We invite everyone to simply come as you are, hoping and praying that no one will leave as they came!  Our prayer and our focus is that Grace will grow, and we will all grow in grace.  Come join us!  You'll be glad you did.